Idea Browser is a web application that takes distributed data in RDF as input and allows to display it on a bubble diagram.

The goal of the application is to show capabilities of RDF as a mediation platform between independent systems and present how innovation data coming from distributed sources can be visualised in a single space and assessed using common criteria.

Info: A data visualisation web app, that grabs RDF and allows to plot the data it into a bubble diagram.
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An example of RDFized data from Adobe Acrobat Ideas plotted into a chart with
amount of comments represented by opacity and rating value as sphere size.

The application has been written using Adobe Flex framework but also requires a PHP backend to store some persistence data connected to basic settings and RDF sources list. In its current form the application was tested only with RDF data encoded using the Gi2MO ontology.

Idea Browser v2 with new scaling, screen export and enhanced legend features.

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