Gi2MO Google Wave Plugin is a Google Wave extension that enables to send ideas created inside a wave to the Idea Management System.

The goal of the application is to demo the possibility of integration between social collaborative platforms and Idea Management Systems. In addition the application demonstrates the use of REST RDF/XML import APIs of RDFme plugin and the capabilities to transfer ideas from one system to another.

Info: A plugin for Google Wave platform that lets to create and send ideas to the Idea Management System.
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A sample idea created in Google Wave with the Gi2MO plugin. Showing idea RDF/XML before sending is one of the plugin features.

Just like all Google Wave gadgets the application has been written using Python with some small additions of JavaScript and HTML for GUI. On the architectural side, it is a bit more complex than regular plugins since the goal was not only to send the data to Idea Management but also expose access to RDF/XML via specific URL. Therefore, in practice the application consists of:

  • PGIbot – a Google Apps application responsible for hosting RDF/XML export from Google Wave, and notifying RDFme REST service
  • Google Wave Gadget – the actual plugin that enables user interaction inside Google Wave

In addition, the PGIbot is used to host the installation files for the Gadget. On the Idea Management side the plugin is configured to work with RDFme REST import service. RDFme is a Drupal module developed in Gi2MO project and it can be used with any Drupal system or our dedicated Gi2MO IdeaStream Idea Management solution.

Creating and sending an idea with Gi2MO Google Wave plugin to a regular Drupal instance with RDFme installed.


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