Gi2MO IdeaStream is a set of modules that customizes a popular CMS called Drupal to work as an Idea Management System.

The goal of IdeaStream is to deliver the very basic functionalities present in modern day Idea Management Systems yet to make them available as Open-Source and free to be used by anyone. In addition, the philosophy behind is to use as much as possible of what has been already developed as part of the Drupal platform.

Info: A mixture of Drupal modules and theming that converts the popular CMS into a open-source Idea Management System.
Quick Links:
Sources (6.x – recommended): Bundle version | Basic version
Sources (7.x): Bundle version | Basic version

IdeaStream front page view.

The basic functionalities that IdeaStream enables are:

  • Create, rate and comment ideas
  • Track ideas based on idea workflow status (draft, under review, accepted etc.)
  • Organize ideas with Idea Contests, Categories, Tags
  • Submit textual Idea Reviews categorized by different criteria and supplied with rating
  • Browse and analyse review statistics in a compound panel
  • Customize access permissions to above functionalities with different user roles: administrator, manager, moderator, reviewer, inventor

The key benefit of IdeaStream and the primary design assumption is to almost fully rely on the Drupal open-source community. The core of IdeaStream is the mechanics and code that reconfigures the already available functionality without adding the unnecessary custom code.

IdeaStream consists of the following parts:

  • IdeaStream module – the core part of the application. It reconfigures Drupal and creates data necessary for Idea Management to work.
  • IdeaStream Elements module – a supplement module that delivers custom functionality on top of what Drupal already enables
  • IdeaStream theme – a custom theme the reorganizes the look & feel of Drupal to match the goals of Idea Management System.

The reuse of Drupal makes IdeaStream very extendable with any of the custom Drupal modules that we did foresee as necessary for the basic version ourselves. Furthermore, after the initial installation, many parts can be modified without any knowledge of the source code just like normal Drupal webpage.


Single idea view Idea creation screen Create review screen Idea Reviews summary

Requirements (depending on used Drupal version) :


Installation and Troubleshooting:
The installation of IdeaStream is straightforward just like any other Drupal module. We recommend to install it on a fresh Drupal instance. The only important thing to remember is to enable the IdeaStream modules/themes in the correct order. For detailed installation instructions please refer to the INSTALL.txt file delivered in the IdeaStream package.

We provide two installation packages: bundle and basic. The bundle version delivers IdeaStream, Drupal and all the required modules in the versions that were tested together with IdeaStream. This installation package is recommend in order to avoid problems. The basic version contains only the IdeaStream modules and theme and is ment to be used as a distribution form for future updates or for users that wish to experiment with configuration on their own.

In case of any problems or help requests feel free to contact us directly. For proposals of new functionalities we recommend to use our own Idea Management System running on IdeaStream.

Version for Drupal 6.x vs. Drupal 7.x version:
From our side, both versions of IdeaStream deliver exactly the same features. The limitation however is based on community support and availability of extension modules for respective Drupal versions. Drupal 6.x has been developed for very long time and was the peak of success for Drupal popularity, therefore a lot of modules are still available only for that version. Drupal 7.x introduced a number of new features, however also internal changes that made a lot of old modules incompatible.

For users who require Drupal 7.x functionalities: use Gi2MO IdeaStream v7.x-1.8
For regular users who are not aware of difference between Drupal 6.x and 7.x: use Gi2MO IdeaStream v6.x-1.8

Current Version (v1.8):
Online Demo Access:

Drupal 6.x installation packages (recommended)
Installation Package, Bundle version (recommended): IdeaStream+Drupal 6.28+all modules
Installation Package, Basic version: Only IdeaStream modules

Drupal 7.x installation packages
Installation Package, Bundle version: IdeaStream+Drupal 7.26+all modules
Installation Package, Basic version: Only IdeaStream modules

Previous Versions:

IdeaStream v1.7: ideastream_basic_v1.7 | ideastream_bundle_v1.7
IdeaStream v0.1.6.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.6.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.6.1a
IdeaStream v0.1.6a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.6a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.6a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.4a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.4a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.4a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.3a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.3a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.3a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.2a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.2a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.2a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.1a
IdeaStream v0.1.5a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5a
IdeaStream v0.1.4a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.4a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.4a
IdeaStream v0.1.3a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.3a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.3a
IdeaStream v0.1.2a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.2a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.2a
IdeaStream v0.1.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.1a
IdeaStream v0.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1a