Gi2MO Reader is a Windows 8 touch interface optimised application that works as a feed browser for Idea Management Systems.

The application has been designed to demonstrate touch interaction with multiple Idea Management Systems at a time and the usage of Gi2MO Ontology for data portability and mediation. The Gi2MO Reader presents how IdeaStream or any Gi2MO feeds can be connected to client devices via RDFme Services.

Gi2MO Reader
Info: A Windows 8 touch based application that allows to browse data of multiple Idea Management Systems.
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Sources: VS project | IdeaStream Service & Samples
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Main screen of Gi2MO Reader app listing ideas of demo Gi2MO feeds.

Gi2MO Reader is a Windows 8 app based on ListView component that allows to display ideas in grouped tiles. Some of implemented features are:

  • adding new feeds and loading data from either local/remote static RDF/XML or REST services (e.g. SPARQL endpoints)
  • asynchronous custom data sources that progressively load web content for ListView component(an example implementation in JavaScript for both item custom data source & custom group data source)
  • usage of CSS3 media tags to adjust application to snapped view
  • adding live tiles for each Gi2MO feed
  • basic use of application bar and application settings integrated with Windows 8 Modern UI

Aside of idea list and idea content display, the application shows statistics such as idea count, comment count, review count, idea ratings etc.

The application can monitor any amount of Idea Management instances as long as they can deliver required information serialized in RDF/XML. The source data has to be constructed following the guidelines of Gi2MO Ontology and its optimized version – Gi2MO IdeaStream Ontology. For details of the format please refer to the sample files; for general guidelines of using Gi2MO ontologies see the respectable specifications.

The application has been written for the Modern UI (formally Metro UI) of Windows 8 using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Aside of working with the ready components and solutions from Microsoft, the application is a test for adding external libraries such as jQuery or RDFQuery for parsing and processing RDF/XML.


Gi2MO Reader live tile. Feed details with idea list and statistics Adding a new IMS Adding a new IMS

Integration with Gi2MO IdeaStream:
Gi2MO Reader is compatible with our open-source Idea Management System called Gi2MO IdeaStream in version v0.1.5.2a and higher when installed together with RDFme module. Gi2MO IdeaStream delivers a feature called IdeaStream Services that allows to set up REST web services which enable communication with external clients such as Gi2MO Reader or Gi2MO Stats. For details of using IdeaStream services please refer to the documentation of RDFme module that provides the core of this functionality.

After installing IdeaStream with RDFme create and enable the following SPARQL Plus Service: [service code] [output sample]

Current Version (v1.0):
Visual Studio 2012 project with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 source code and all resources needed to compile the app:
IdeaStream Service Code and sample of RDF/XML Gi2MO feeds accepted by the app: