Idea Analyst is a web application that takes distributed data in RDF as an input and allows to plot it into charts.

It has been created to show the potential of Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies in terms of data visualisation for Idea Management.

Info: A data visualisatin web app, that grabs RDF and turns it into charts.
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Sample usage of Idea Analyst for generic data: RDF data from DBPedia plotted into a chart

The application has been written using Adobe Flex framework and uses php backend to store some persistence data like baisc settings, SPARQL rules, data sources etc. Be advised that the available demo is strictly a research proof-of-concept prototype – it lacks a number of functionalities and for the specific use cases described within the Gi2MO homepage we used a a range of custom settings that are available only via source code modification.

If you are interested in the use of the tool we recommend the thorough analysis of systems that can be linked with Idea Management for mining metrics or optionally feel free to contact us directly for more information.

Online Demo Access:
Source Code: