Gi2MO RDF2HTML is a JavaScript that transforms Gi2MO RDF published on the web to HTML and allows to display it as a tooltip.

The script takes a RDF file and an XSL template file as input and outputs HTML. The goal for the script is to showcase the benefits of publishing open data (particularly in RDF/XML) and connecting independent systems without any dedicated services.

Info: A script that grabs RDF and coverts it into HTML based on a XSL template.
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An example of the script being used on Gi2MO blog and rendering ETSITIdeas content

Additionally apart of the script we deliver the sample XSL for transforming Gi2MO metadata into HTML, the javascript code to display the HTML as a tooltip after hovering over text on a webpage and finally and WordPress blog engine plugin that allows to put all that functionality into a blog.

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Source Code: