Gi2MO Relationship Visualizer is a web application that allows to display relationships between ideas on a chart based on RDF/XML data export from an Idea Management System.

The goal of the application is to visualize relationship annotations made according to Gi2MO Links proposal. Additionally, the prototype demonstrates usage of RDF and Gi2MO ontology as solutions for data portability between different web platforms.

Info: A data visualisation web app, that plots idea relationship data onto a chart and generates stats.
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Overview of features of the Relationship Visualizer.

The application delivers a set of following features:

  • Display relationship between ideas based on annotations delivered as in input file for the app
  • Import data from any RDF/XML dump constructed according to Gi2MO Ontology guidelines
  • Filter relationships using Gi2MO Links hierarchy
  • See an overview of relationship statistics such as: idea count, relationship count, max/min/average relationships per idea
  • Select and highlight ideas on the chart to see in detail their relations
  • Read an overview of selected idea information

The application has been written in JavaScript using D3 data manipulation library. Additionally, the RDF/XML data processing is done server-side and requires a PHP backend that takes advantage of ARC2 tripple store.

The script has been tested under Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox. Depending on the dataset size and server hardware performance of processing the relationship data in the backend can vary. To achieve best results export only the required information per idea: idea title, creation date, idea content text and idea relationships links. The script was tested with RDF files from 5 to 10MB, containing information for about 1000+ relationships.


Example of various relationship type visualisations of the same dataset.

IdeaStream compatibility: The tool can be used in conjunction with Gi2MO IdeaStream to visualize relationship annotations made by users or moderators with the IdeaStream Similarity tool. In order to integrate the visualizer with IdeaStream use a module called RDFme that allows to export IdeaStream data to RDF/XML which can be later delivered as input for Gi2MO Relationship Visualizer.

For detailed information how to setup and use the script see the readme.txt file delivered with the source code.

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