Gi2MO Stats is an iPhone application that serves as a monitor for tracking live data statistics of Idea Management Systems.

The application has been designed to demonstrate usage of Gi2MO Ontology for data serialization and a tool to compare distributed Idea Management Systems. In addition, Gi2MO Stats presents how IdeaStream can be connected to client devices via RDFme Services.

Gi2MO Stats
Info: An iPhone application that allows to monitor and compare the statistics of Idea Management Systems.
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Sources: Xcode project | data samples
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Gi2MO Stats: instance statistics screen and settings screen (click to enlarge).

Gi2MO Stats is a Utility type iPhone app. It allows to add a panel per each IMS and display:

  • name of the currently tracked instance
  • number of ideas, comments, contests and reviews
  • number of ideas, comments, contests and reviews added since last update period
  • information about last posted idea, comment and contest

The statistics about the amount of new ideas etc. can be customized via selecting the time frame: since last data update, last day, last week, last month, last year.

The application can monitor any amount of Idea Management instances as long as they can deliver required information serialized in RDF/XML. The source data has to be constructed following the guidelines of Gi2MO Ontology and its optimized version – Gi2MO IdeaStream Ontology. For details of the format please refer to the sample files; for general guidelines of using Gi2MO ontologies see the respectable specifications.


Comparing different IMS Options screen Adding a new IMS

Integration with Gi2MO IdeaStream:
Gi2MO Stats is compatible with Gi2MO IdeaStream v0.1.5.2a and higher when installed together with RDFme module. Gi2MO IdeaStream delivers a feature called IdeaStream Services and sets up automatically during install a service that enables communication with Gi2MO Stats. For details of using IdeaStream services please refer to the documentation of RDFme module that provides the core of this functionality.

Current Version (v1.0):
Xcode project with Objective-C source code and all resources needed to compile:
Sample input files for the application: