WordPress RDFa plugin is an extension for a popular blogging engine that allows to insert Gi2MO annotations for ideas described inside blog posts.

In particular, the plugin uses RDFa annotations to supply blog posts with additional metadata – invisible for human readers but delivering rich information for potential browser plugins, external apps, search engines, crawlers etc.

Info: A plugin for WordPress blogging engine. It embeds a new button in the post editor that allows to insert RDFa markup for ideas.
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The way it works is by embedding a new “Gi2MO” button in the post HTML editor bar. By selecting any content of the post and clicking the button the text is automatically wrapped in RDFa tags with gi2mo annotations like idea title, idea date and idea summary (which is the originally selected text).

WordPress post editor with RDFa tags from Gi2MO plugin

To enable the above in WordPress the plugin has been coded in PHP with a small use of Javascript.

An example post with embedded Gi2MO RDFa: GI2MO, embeddable metadata and content rendering
Source Code: