Idea Relationship Visualisation with Gi2MO technologies

Posted By on March 1, 2013

Some time ago we introduced a new module for IdeaStream called Similarity. The module delivered a number of features that enabled users as well as moderators to mark relationships between ideas automatically detected as similar.

Today, we would like to share a research prototype that visualises this relationship data and provides some basic statistics on how ideas are connected to each other.

The Gi2MO Relationship Visualizer allows to filter relationship views by type and filter out connections for a single idea. Additionally, the demonstrator allows to have a peak at some of the relationship statistics such as: number of ideas connected with relationships, number of relationships, max/min/average amount of relationships per idea.


Gi2MO Relationship Visualizer showing ‘Alternative Idea’ relationships detected in Ubuntu BrainStorm.

The Gi2MO Relationship Visualizer can work with any system as long as it allows to export IMS data into RDF/XML following our Gi2MO Ontology guidelines. For instance, in IdeaStream Idea Management platform, this can be achieved with our RDFme module.

The goal of this prototype is to give some insight into idea relationships in Idea Management System and present this information in an accessible form. The prototype has been created by Pablo Moncada using JavaScript and some PHP with ARC2 library for backend processing. This work was done to demonstrate research results on idea relationships hierarchy Gi2MO Links for a spanish funded project THOFU on hotel innovation.

As usual, the complete source code and overview of the software can be found in related Gi2MO Apps subsection. Optionally, you can have a quick peak at a screencast below, recorded to demo the main features of the Visualizer.


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