Upcoming thesis defence on Semantic Technologies in Idea Management

Posted By on February 6, 2013


We are happy to announce a presentation that will take place at Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid, School of Telecommunication, Madrid, Spain. The talk will sum up most of the research done so far in the Gi2MO Project in context of scientific activities of the Intelligent Systems Group.

The presentation is going to focus on research aspects of building four components that we have delivered across the years:

  • Gi2MO Ontology – interoperability and data portability in Idea Management Systems
  • Marl: Linked Opinions – use of opinion mining in Idea Management for automatic idea ranking and linking opinions
  • Gi2MO Types – manual/automatic idea annotation with domain independent characteristics for building idea and community performance metrics
  • Gi2MO Links – use of idea relationship taxonomy for clustering of ideas

The talk entitled “Semantic Technologies in Idea Management Systems: A Model for Interoperability, Linking and Filtering” will be given by Adam Westerski as part of his PhD defence at 17:00, 20th of February, 2013 in Salon de Grados, ETSIT UPM, Building A.

The thesis is already available for download (hires or lores) and can be found in our Gi2MO Docs section, with the slides to follow shortly after the presentation.

Update: The thesis defence has successfully finished (passed with honors) so, as promised, we share the presentation slides.


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