Faces of Idea Management: Gi2MO IdeaStream redesigns in various case studdies

Posted By on March 11, 2013

Our open source Idea Management System – Gi2MO IdeaStream is built on top of a platform called Drupal. Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) that delivers huge flexibility in terms of looks (themes) and functionality (modules).

Having deployed IdeaStream in a number of organisations, we would like to highlight how easily and to what degree IdeaStream can be customised to fit into variety of use cases. For this goal we will use a few examples.

1. ETSIT IdeasWeb – student design competition
First up is a very basic scenario: IdeaStream was used at the ETSIT Telecommunication school of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid to organize a contest for choosing a new design of the school website. The goal for us here was to quickly deploy the system to let students vote as soon as possible, yet to allow them to see the proposed designs at the frontpage immediately when it loads.


Front page of the ETSIT IdeasWeb competition.

2. ELLIOT – civic innovation in green technologies
Next example comes from INRIA institute. The INRIA researchers used IdeaStream as part of their experiments with civic innovation in an EU funded project called Elliot. In one of their case studies on green technologies, IdeaStream looks was completely overhauled to fit project theme. In comparison to the original theme Elliot version new looks is more squeezed allowing to see more ideas in one go.


Modified IdeaStream to fit the green theme of Elliot project.

3. IdeaStream Rainbow
Finally, in our own experiments, we tested how far theming could be pushed. For this goal, we created a more colourful theme that contrasts with the clean enterprise look of the original IdeaStream theme. The goal here was to go toward candy looks of Web 2.0 websites but still to maintain some of the seriousness of Idea Management platforms.


Idea Contests page of an alternative theme for IdeaStream that presents a more vivid and colourful face of the IMS.

If you would like to see for yourself how this theme works in action, you can do just that by downloading the newest version of Gi2MO IdeaStream! Today, we are happy to release IdeaStream v1.7 that includes the new theme called IdeaStream Rainbow and some minor bug fixes. Additionally, having tested IdeaStream with a number of organisations over the past years, we are happy to finally move out from alpha and release it as a stable build!

As usual for download links see the Gi2MO apps section.

If you would like to customise IdeaStream to fit your own use case let us know, we will be happy to help! Optionally, if you already done it and would like to share you own experiments with open-source community of IdeaStream – give us a shout and we will be happy to highlight it here.


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