GI2MO Apps unveiled

Posted By on October 15, 2010

As hinted in earlier posts we present a new section to the project webpage: Gi2MO Apps!

The page is intended to serve as a hub that aggregates all software prototypes produced during our experiments and other applications that we release as showcase for our research.

To keep everything in place: the blog will continue to be used for announcements of new stuff and research insight articles, while the apps page shall be a stable resource that contains individual pages per each software package, gives access to source code, installation instructions etc.

At the beginning we start with a few apps that were discussed in the previous blog posts (most notably the RDF plugin for wordpress and the UI for idea browsing). However, as we continue our strugge for semantically empowered Idea Management on many fronts, you can expect a variety of regular updates to the apps section!


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