ETSITIdeas full in RDF and powered by GI2MO!

Posted By on October 11, 2010

Finally, after numerous tests and improvements we have installed RDF support at our proof-of-concept Idea Management instance.

The entire data structure of ETSITIdeas is now exported to RDF which is constructed following the Gi2MO ontology rules. We have implemented two options:

  • access to the full dump of the idea management instance
  • access to individual metadata annotations for each node like idea, comment, user profile, idea contest etc. (see RDF example for a sample idea)

Reading all of this one might wonder, whats the benefit in any of it? For a long answer we encourage to look at our use cases section. For an immediate answer about the benefit of publishing open data we present a small toy script that generates snippets for links to ideas based on their RDF! If you missed the link in the previous parahraph here’s another example: idea link.

Behind the scenes what you can see at the moment in action on ETSITIdeas is in fact our own implementation of a RDF import/export plugin for Drupal. ETSITIdeas is based on Drupal content management platform and we took the time to prepare a specially flavoured RDF powerhouse with special focus on features required in Idea Management and ontology research in general. Stay tuned for big news incoming soon as we plan to publish this plugin to public!

On a side note, we have also slightly refreshed the frontpage of ETSITIdeas to make it more user friendly !


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