Gi2MO Ontology v5

Posted By on March 29, 2012

The Gi2MO project has started with the a metadata schema proposal for the Idea Management Systems. Keeping in mind how much we went forward since that time (almost two years!), we would like to refresh the specification to accomodate the new developments that we did not take into account before. Below you can see a shiny new diagram that presents the current state of our proposal.

The ontology did withstand the test of time quite well, so the changes are rather minor: some new references and a few optimisations that we figured out during experiments with our open-source Idea Management solution – IdeaStream. Also, after experiences with Consensus ontology and Gi2MO Types we decided to fully migrate to SKOS for describing any controlled vocabularies related to Idea Management System (idea categories, review types etc.).

If you would like to know the details be sure to check out the refreshed ontology specification.


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