OPAL now a Drupal project

Posted By on September 25, 2011

A small announcement related to one of the modules developed by us in relation to Marl ontology and the usage of opinion mining in Idea Management Systems. The OPAL (Opinion Analyser) module has been promoted from a sandbox project to a full project at the Drupal homepage. The function of the module is to calculate the polarity of user opinions (good, bad etc.) attached to ideas as comments.

Any future releases of the plugin shall continue to be published in the Apps section of the Gi2MO homepage, however the Drupal page shall be used for maintaining the source code and development pre-releases of the module, as well as gathering related bug reports. On a practical note, all of this means that the source code of the module is much more clean now and it should be easier to reuse it or modify to suit your needs!

For details head over to the OPAL dedicated subpage in the Drupal portal. Credits for cleaning up the code and waging the struggle for getting the module up to the standards of Drupal projects go to Fernando Tapia Rico.

As a reminder: Marl and linking opinions for Idea Management and Linked Data cloud is going to be presented in about three weeks during the ISWC 2011 conference.


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