Gi2MO Idea Stream going open-source

Posted By on February 19, 2011

Today we are pleased to announce something different than usual. In parallel to our research on Semantic Web, we decided to do some pure development work and as a result we came up creating a Drupal module that turns this popular CMS into an Idea Management System!

Gi2MO IdeaStream does not involve too much custom coding that changes Drupal core in a major way, it is rather a module that will automatically reconfigure all the customisable features of Drupal and some additional modules (e.g. create content types, custom views, add new forms etc.). Also it delivers a basic theme that overhauls the normal Drupal look to give a bit more Idea Management like flavour.

For the first version we decided to release only the basic features but you can expect frequent updates that will give more functionality.

Our intension with creating IdeaStream was to have an open Idea Management base platform that can be used for showing and providing to others our research results on Semantic Idea Management. However….feel free to use it in any form you wish!

For a quick demo take a look at Gi2MO Ideas instance reveled last week. If you just want to get the installation package and read details on the capabilities of IdeaStream, traditionally, check it out in our Gi2MO Apps!


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