Enter Gi2MO Ideas

Posted By on February 13, 2011

We would like to share the exciting news about a new addition to the Gi2MO website. This time we are lunching our very own Idea Management facility! The goal is to collect and organize the verity of ideas related to the evolution of the Gi2MO project, directions for the future research, development etc.

Contrary to the previous Idea Management we did for the university this time we are using entirely our own solution. It’s based on similar technologies (the core is a modified Drupal 6.x) which means all our previous modules and apps are fully supported and the new instance is already RDFized !

On a side note, the very module that we used to customize Drupal and bring it as an idea management system is going to be released really soon. So keep an eye out for more news incoming on our project blog.

For now, if you would like to take a look or perhaps be one of the first to post some interesting ideas head over to Gi2MO Idea Stream and check it out!


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