Idea RDF Browser v2 released!

Posted By on January 17, 2011

Today we are pleased to release a new version of Idea Browser – a tool made in Gi2MO project to show visualisations of distributed data from many Idea Management Systems.

Apart of bug fixes and small improvements here and there, the major additions are:

  • Improved speed and better efficiency – now the Idea Browser can handle much bigger RDF files! We completely reworked the visualisation engine and RDF handling by moving the processing heavy tasks to the backend.
  • Possibility to scale and zoom in/out of the visualisation.
  • Feature to export large resolution screenshots of the full visualisation (useful if the visualisation exceeds display resolution)
  • Added legend tab that gives additional details about the visualisation (min/max number of mined values etc.)

To tickle your interest, as a sneak peak we would like to show what can be done with the new version. Have you ever wondered how 1000 ideas would look like on single screen? Well, wonder no more! Check out some of the visualisations made form data of real Idea Management instances available online:

Visualisation of Adobe Acrobat Ideas (579 Ideas/ 20k RDF triples).

Visualisation of Cisco I-Prize (826 Ideas/ 133k RDF triples).

As usual for source code, demos and binaries head to our Gi2MO Apps section. For convenience we still maintain the old version source code and demos as well. All credits for delivering the current version go to Idea Browser main developer Fernando Tapia Rico.


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