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Posted By on March 16, 2015


For the past year, joined by a number of experts from Idea Management area, we collaborated with the Journal of Social Media for Organizations (JSMO) to bring an interesting package of articles that would report on the recent Idea Management research and interesting case studies of ongoing projects.

Today, as a result of this collaboration, we are happy to announce the release of a new Journal Special Issue entitled Large-Scale Ideation and Deliberation: Tools and Studies in Organizations.

In our vision, the effort to bring Idea Management into organisations is much more than just software. It entails setting up the proper processes, defining the open innovation methodologies and policies suitable for a given deployment, doing all the work to connect with the people who are going to provide the ideas; and many many more activities…

The four articles published as part of the journal explore those various aspects of Idea Management, yet are quite tightly linked to each other by driving inspiration from civic scenarios and case studies:

  • Five Design Principles for Crowdsourced Policymaking: Assessing the Case of Crowdsourced Off-Road Traffic Law in Finland by Tanja Aitamurto, Hélène Landemore
  • LiquidFeedback in Large-scale Civic Contexts: Framing Multiple Styles of Online Participation by Giulia Bertone, Fiorella De Cindio, Stefano Stortone
  • Understanding the Roles of Artifacts in Democratic Deliberation From the Citizens’ Initiative Review by Jess Kropczynski, Guoray Cai, John M. Carroll
  • A Roadmap for Open Innovation Systems by Mark Klein, Gregorio Convertino

If you would like to get the highlights of what each article contains, we recommend to read the special issue introduction written by the editors: Gregorio Convertino, Adam Westerski, Anna De Liddo and Paloma Díaz

Otherwise, if you are just anxious to read the contents straight-away: all articles are available in PDF form online and for free at the JSMO website.

Take note that the idea behind this special issue was to connect with authors working on their promising new research and ongoing applied projects. We wanted to provide support together with feedback for those authors who want to share with the public the preliminary results of their work and engage in a discussion on improvement of their research so far.

Therefore, if you are particularly interested in some study details, have any comments or perhaps would like discuss collaboration – we encourage you to contact the authors directly through contact emails available per each article.

The special issue is an outcome of joint effort of article authors, special issue editors and journal editors (especially Laurie Damianos and Jill Drury). We would like to thank all of them for the work put.


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