Gi2MO IdeaStream v1.8 released: custom taxonomies, internationalisation support and many more

Posted By on November 2, 2013

Today we are happy to bring you yet another update for our flagship open-source Idea Management System – Gi2MO IdeaStream!

This time the core focus went to improvement for the visual side of IdeaStream and adding some features that make accessing IdeaStream functionality easier. All new updates are present in both our themes: IdeaStream classic and IdeaStream Rainbow.

Additionally, like every major update, the new version is full of fixes and small updates that have been requests since the previous release. Here we would like to highlight two of the major new features:

Ability to add custom taxonomies to the filter bar – the updated theme allows users to filter ideas using any sort of taxonomy defined by the administrator, not only with the IdeaStream predefined Idea Categories taxonomy or Idea Statuses.

IdeaStream custom taxonomy filtering

An example of custom taxonomy filtering with a admin defined taxonomy called ‘Complexity’ (right click and open in new tab/window to view hi-res image).

The configuration settings to setup custom taxonomy can be found in a newly added “IdeaStream Settings” located under “Administer\Site Configuration”. Please keep in mind that only taxonomies assigned to Idea content type can be used as filters. In order to add a new taxonomies go to “Administer\Content Management\Taxonomy”. Apart of setting the taxonomy to use as filter the administrator can use the privileges system to set which users should be able to use the new filter and which not.

In order to accommodate taxonomies of any amount of terms, both the Idea Status and custom taxonomy filters now have drop-down menus that list all terms which did not fit into the filter bar.

Another new feature is full internationalisation support. Starting version v1.8 IdeaStream supports Drupal standardised approach to multi-lingual user interface. Both IdeaStream modules and all themes comply with internationalisation API and allow to provide a translated version of the Idea Management Platform in multiple languages.

IdeaStream multi-lingual interface

Multi-lingual support in IdeaStream – a drop-down box can be used to select interface language. (right click and open in new tab/window to view hi-res image).

The tutorial how to setup a multi-lingual up and running in included in the release package, in the install.txt. The file also includes a full list of all fixes and smaller additions in version v1.8. You can grab the newest installation package from the Gi2MO apps page for IdeaStream.

We hope you enjoy the new release and await any sort of feedback or requests for future additions!


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