Talk about deliberation platforms and Gi2MO during WWW2012 in April

Posted By on April 12, 2012

If you follow our blog closely, you might have noticed news about our collaboration with IMC Technologies on including elements of Gi2MO Ontology in deliberation platforms to support building consensus from ideas that propose different solutions to a single problem.

We went one step forward and are happy to announce a talk that will take place during the 21st International World Wide Web Conference in Lyon (WWW2012).

More precisely the presentation entitled “Building Consensus via a Semantic Web Collaborative Space” will be given by George Anadiotis from IMC, on Tuesday April 17th as part of the workshop on Semantic Web Collaborative Spaces (SWCS2012).

While the presentation is not going to be strictly about Idea Management, the interesting part is that it’s going to show how to expand the offering of Idea Management Systems into new areas of collaborative systems used for problem solving.

The upcoming presentation is based on a research paper by George Anadiotis, Konstantinos Kafentzis, John Pavlopoulos, and Adam Westerski. As usual, both the slides and the paper shall be made available at Gi2MO Docs page after the presentation.

Update: As promised we provide the presentation slides and the accepted version of the paper that is available in the proceedings of the SWCS2012 workshop:

  • presentation slides [PDF]
  • paper accepted for the SWCS2012 workshop [PDF]


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