Gi2MO Types: A New Way for Idea Classification

Posted By on August 8, 2011

Today we introduce a new branch of research of the Gi2MO project. To put it as simple as possible Gi2MO Types is a taxonomy for classification of ideas. The goal is to extend the amount of information that describes the ideas in an Idea Management System.

During our research on the Gi2MO Ontology we noticed that the data that we posses is quite simple and the analytical possibilities that it brings are quite narrow. On the other hand performing the activities of rating ideas with various business metrics and judging their value in alignement to certain environment is rather a difficult task that requires expert knowledge.

Therefore, Gi2MO Types is an attempt to deliver a framework for attaching new characteristics to ideas that could bring much better results than the contemporary methods in areas such as: clustering, statistics and even ranking or similarity measure.

The central point of our philosophy when it comes to characterising ideas is:

Every idea that was proposed has been triggered by a particular experience and describes a certain innovation put in context of application in a given object.

If you are interested in how we transformed this hypothesis into a technical implementation of the taxonomy head over to the taxonomy specification. On the other hand, if you would like to see a sneak peak of how the taxonomy can be used to bring some real benefits and what is our vison of utilising it for Idea Management Systems check out a leaflet that we prepared to explain the emerging possibilities in an accessible way.

Furthermore, if you are interested in applying the taxonomy into some particular dataset or scenario feel free to contact us – we would be happy to assist and extend our research to improve the taxonomy.


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