Surfing the Waves of Innovation: On Idea Management and Google Wave Integration

Posted By on March 4, 2011

As part of experiments for the Resulta project we are working on research how to use social collaborative platforms to improve interaction between consulting companies and their clients. From the point of view of Gi2MO project we are investigating how Idea Management Systems can help in this ecosystem.

Today we would like to present a very simple demo from some of our initial works – integration between Google Wave platform and Idea Management System based on Semantic Web technologies. For this aim we constructed a plugin for Wave that allows to export data in RDF/XML and on demand send it to a Idea Management System as a new idea submission.

The functionality of the plugin is very simple yet it fulfils it’s job to integrate the data between two totally separate systems and add a new stream of ideas for Idea Management. In addition, the plugin shows in practice the functionality of RDFme REST services and proves how easy it is to integrate two systems when the Semantic Web technologies are in place.

Credits for developing and putting together this demo go to: Miguel Nieto Peña. If you just want to see how it works check out the screen cast below, for more details continue to the dedicated page for our Google Wave plugin in our apps section.


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