We are lunching our own Idea Management front-end for the university!

Posted By on July 8, 2010

As of recent we have started cooperation with Atos and thanks to them we can experiment in full with all the aspects of their Idea Management framework – PGI 2.0. Our intention for the future is to use PGI as testing ground for implementation of our Semantic Web technologies in Idea Management Systems.

However, this is not all! To take the best out of this cooperation, we have also teamed up with a UPM student association (Delegación de Alumnos de Telecomunicación) to setup an Idea Management facility and gather ideas from students on how to improve our department! The system got a birth name of ETSIT Ideas and is slowly filling up with submissions and subscribers.

In the future we plan to use this for our evaluations and also to gain some experience first hand with running an Idea Management System.

Kudos to Fernando Tapia Rico for setting up the instance and cooperating with UPM staff on deployment and advertising.

A small announcement about our cooperation can be also found on DAT website (in spanish): Ayúdanos a mejorar la escuela con tus ideas.


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