1. Using idea metrics as innovation funnel.

Funnel ideas based on their connections to data in other systems

Semantic Web offers re-boost data integration capabilities. This can be used to link Idea Management System with other applications to extract more descriptions about particular ideas that passed various stages of the Idea Life Cycle. Such information can aid to asses current ideas, newly submitted ideas based on similarity detection or explore the overall efficiency of the Idea Management System or even enterprise innovation politices.

2. Linking Idea Management Data.

Idea Management Systems typically deployed in organizations and large enterprises are usually only a drop in the rich enterprise network of management systems. Depending on the type of the system the links can be exploited in various ways.

Linking Idea Management System with other applications

2.1. Choosing an ontology for your enterprise system.

The successfulness of the implementation of the above diagram is not only measured by Idea Management System deployment and implementation of Gi2MO. The Linked Data quality and usage efficiency relies on the state of semantic annotations defined for other systems (e.g. if human resources system exports data that can be exploited by Idea Management).

Scope System Name Acronym Goal Ontology
Internal Idea Management System IMS Collect and manage ideas Global Approaches to Enterprise Management
Enterprise Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Manage product development and engineering Enterprise Product Life Cycle Management PLM/PLCM Manage product development and engineering Specialised (Dedicated) Systems for Enterprise Management
Enterprise Client Relationship Management CRM Manage input from customers Enterprise Supply Chain Management SCM Manage the flow of products, services Enterprise Project Management PMS Plan the project, assign tasks and set deadlines Enterprise Human Resources Management System HRMS Gather information about employees Enterprise Collaborative Working Environment CWE Share documents and information Product Development Support Systems (Examples for Software Development)
Enterprise Bug-tracking System Collect and organise issues Enterprise Software Configuration Management SCM Manage configuration aspects Public Blog/Forum/Lists Publish information and engage into discussions Public Idea Management System IMS Collect and manage ideas Public Social Networks Connect with other people and publish/access personal information Public Wikis Publish information and collaborate on improving it Public Online Patent Databases Collect and publish patent information Public Mindmapping Create and publish mindmaps Ontologies for Enterprise Systems

2.2. Establishing Links

Once its certain that both Idea Management System and the other systems can properly expose their data, the linking infrastructure has to be established. As part of Gi2MO research we developed certain properties to achieve that and schemed about the benefits that particular links could grant.

System Link Example Metric Example Gi2MO Properties Sample Triples
Internal IMS Assets Link ideas based on similarty (eg. duplicates, similar topic, one idea part of another etc.) Amount of similar ideas (e.g. with a certain degree of similarity) gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasSimilar, gi2mo:describesPartOf, gi2mo:hasDuplicate
Global Approaches to Enterprise Management
ERP Link idea to financial data of processes that implements it Return of Investment for particular implemented ideas gi2mo:hasRelated PLM/PLCM Link ideas to products that implement them Amount of resources involved in product engineering gi2mo:hasImplementation, gi2mo:hasRelated Specialised (Dedicated) Systems for Enterprise Management
CRM Link ideas to client complaint/ suggestion logs Amount of complaints filed for a product that evolved from Idea Management gi2mo:hasRelated SCM Link ideas to supply chain activities that occurred during sales of products based on ideas Average delay in product deliveries based on certain idea gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasImplementation PMS Link ideas to projects Time beyond set deadline that it took to develop certain product gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasImplementation HRMS Link ideas to people in the company that are responsible for different aspects Employment duration in the company for idea reviewers via persons’s foaf:Agent having OnlineAccount in both systems CWE Link ideas to documents and discussions that occur in the company Amount of discussions regarding product based on idea gi2mo:hasOrigin, gi2mo:hasRelated Product Development Support Systems (Examples for Software Development)
Bug-tracking Link ideas to bugs that were submitted in relation to their implementation Amount of bugs submitted to a product that implements certain idea gi2mo:hasImplementation to project instance or gi2mo:hasRelated directly to bug SCM Link ideas to software projects that implement them Amount of commits in time for changed based on idea category gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasImplementation Blog/Forum/Lists Link ideas to posts that discuss them Amount of comments for post related to idea gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasOrigin Separate IMS Instances Link the same ideas across different language versions of the IMS deployed by a single company Amount of ideas in external systems related to certain idea gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasOrigin Social Networks Link ideas to posts that describe their topic Amount of comments on the topic related to idea gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasOrigin Wiki Link ideas with wiki pages on which the ideas are further developed Number of revisions of a wiki page gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasOrigin Patent Databases Link ideas to patents that describe similar topics Amount of patents that cover the idea gi2mo:hasRelated Mindmaps Link ideas to particular mindmaps that describe them Amount of concepts that create the idea gi2mo:hasRelated, gi2mo:hasOrigin Gi2MO properties to use for Linking Idea Management Systems

3. More information

If you are curious about the notion of linking Idea Management Systems information and would like to know more about Linked Data concept we recommend reading a related Gi2MO research publication: “Exploiting Structured Linked Data in Enterprise Knowledge Management Systems: An Idea Management Case Study”

In addition, if you wish to start development of a particular scenario we recommend the full spreadsheet with detailed information on links, metrics and references to particular enterprise and public systems ontologies. If you have any doubts or a case that we did not cover feel free to contact us.